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Severn River Yacht Club

Located in historic Eastport, Maryland, the Club actively pursues its goals of promoting and encouraging yachting, seamanship, and good fellowship among its members. The Club is an active member of the Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association (CBYRA). The Club conducts sailboat races for its members and sponsors races for fellow yachtsmen who are members of CBYRA.

Severn River Yacht ClubThe Severn River Yacht Club was founded in 1966 by John H. Mears, Jr. and entered that year onto the Lloyd's Register of yacht clubs in Surrey, United Kingdom. In the fall of 1972, John Mears appointed the first Board of Governors and the initial slate of Club Officers. The appointments were made from among Mears Marina yachtsmen for the purpose of organizing the Yacht Club.

Special Programs & Events

The Severn River Yacht Club organizes special programs for racing, cruising, gathering at distant rendezvous spots, boating education and safety as well as extensive social activities. Download our 2016 Activities Calendar and feel free to contact us with any questions.

The key to the overall success of club events is the active participation of all members who are welcome in all Club activities. Each year sees new members and new leaders contributing dynamic new ideas and activities. The Severn River Yacht Club is a widely recognized Club on the Chesapeake Bay. Mears Marina Annapolis, home of the Severn River Yacht Club, is considered to be among the best on the east coast and the Inland Waterways.

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