Traffic From Reddit

Reddit was founded in 2005 as a site for news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion. It has amassed a large number of users and now has over 26 million monthly users in the USA alone.

The site is a huge “bookshelf” of forums and articles on topics ranging from music and animals to serious thoughts about the meaning of life and political debates. All of these articles are included in a kind of collection called subreddits. You can browse subreddits using the search bar and discover new communities.
As a Reddit member, you can subscribe to subreddits that interest you. The most recent posts of that subreddit will appear on your Reddit homepage.

Karma is a rating system on Reddit. Each user, post and comment has its own karma. A post’s karma depends more on the karma of the users who interact with the comments on the post than just voting for the post. In other words, Reddit values ​​user feedback on how much more discussion a post has generated than just the content of the post. Make sure your comments are relevant and get good reviews. Content Karma is earned by posting interesting new topics. If you want to boost your account and make it popular faster, you can buy Reddit upvotes.

Affiliate marketing on Reddit – for whom?

Marketing on Reddit is not an activity for patient and rational people, since promoting advertising campaigns can cause a serious backlash. Reddit is full of the emphatic audience: they either love it or hate it.

Target audience of Reddit.

Most Reddit users are between 25 and 29 years old. A significant proportion of users (21% of the US adult population) are even younger (18 to 24 years old).

You need to be sure that such a young portion of Reddit users will fit as your target audience and your ads will be relevant to them. Not many in such a group will be interested in reading about osteochondrosis and arthritis treatments. Yes, the demographics will be different and it is also worth thinking about if your ads are tied to a certain point on the map.

How to post affiliate links on Reddit?

No one likes an upstart, and Reddit is no exception. As with any other social network, self-promotion does not produce the expected results; users are simply not interested in reading such things. Before you post, you need to think carefully about how to pique your audience’s interest.

Reddit does not like direct affiliate links. If you get addicted to such publications, you can get banned and you may even lose your account.
However, you can still advertise on Reddit. It’s simply a matter of thinking carefully about your advertising strategy. Show creativity and your numbers will please you.

Affiliate Marketing on Reddit: Paid or Free?

Reddit has both paid and free advertising. The main difference is that with paid ads you’ll spend less time than money, and with free ads you’ll have to be creative and patient. What does Reddit deserve more: your money or your time?
Using paid ads, you may face banner blindness. Visitors may simply ignore or overlook your ad, even if you paid money to publish it. That’s why you should avoid similarity to a banner ad.

Also consider sharing your content. Do you have something interesting, new and worth sharing on Reddit? In this case, organic promotion would work better. But if you can create awesome ads and target them correctly, the ROI can be much higher.